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Monitor Features
The Connected Clients List
The Client Detailed Information Dialog
Disconnect and Block Clients
Changing DCOM Connection Settings
UniTest Starter
UniTest Direct

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UniTest System: Monitor

Monitor is used to manage and monitor Test-clients (Test's in network version), i.e. to manage the testing process in the network and monitor the students' activity and information.

Monitor is a server program (distributed server application) that supplies to and requests from Test-clients any needed information.

Every Test-client connects to Monitor to obtain any data for testing. To connect the Test-client must provide comprehensive information (identification data and authorization codes) about himself.

Monitor can allow or prevent connection of any Test-client.

Monitor receives all needed information about Test-client, student and testing process in real-time. You can use this information to get the latest information about the testing process and monitor any activity.

Monitor (and Test-client) is available only in the UniTest System network version.


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