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Create Computer Aided Tests in UniTest System

UniTest System is a comprehensive testing solution that allows to design, administer and process tests.

This is the solid software set to create, process, and manage your own tests (quizzes, questionnaires, assessments, and exams). You can create your tests using the built-in editor, your favorite text-processing tool, graphics editor, or any other specialized software.

UniTest System package has 5 main components: "Editor", "Test", "Report", "Monitor" and "Settings". UniTest System also has "Unitest Starter" and "UniTest Direct".

  1. Editor - used to create and edit tests.
  2. Test - used to test people using created tests.
  3. Report - used to manage and customize results, make and print reports.
  4. Monitor - used to manage and monitor the testing process.
  5. Settings - used to set up UniTest System settings.
  6. UniTest Starter - used to start any UniTest System component quickly and easily.
  7. UniTest Direct - used to get the latest UniTest System news from Internet.


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