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UniTest System: Editor

Using Editor you can create new tests and edit existing ones for the Test processing program.

All tests are encrypted using Blowfish 448-bit (see UniTest System Tests and Test Results Protection). It's almost impossible to crack a file protected with Blowfish 448-bit (if the password conforms to some requirements available in Password Security Requirements).

All tests are compressed using a powerful compression technique. In average, tests are compressed to a size 6-7 times smaller than the original size.

Every test may have an unlimited number of questions; each question may have up to 20 answers.

Every question and every answer may contain any available OLE object (MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, audio, video, animation, etc.).

Every question con tributes its specific points for marking the correct answer. Every answer can be correct, partially correct (in percents) or incorrect. Every question may have a simple answer (no combinations), or a non ordered set of answers or an ordered set of answers.

Every field (question and answers fields) in every question has its own size and position.


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