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The Testing Process

Before first executing the Test program you need to select the default test, that will be used for test processing, and select the default test password, if needed (in the network version you need to do it only on the server side). This can be done by using the Settings program (see Settings - The "General" tab).

After executing the Test program, a window for entering student information is displayed. All student information input fields settings can be customized using the Settings program (see Settings - The "Input Fields" Tab). Besides, using the Settings program you can customize the Test program view (see Settings - The "Test View" Tab).

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To begin the test the student needs to fill all input fields, although you can select not to show not required fields (in other words, any field you selected to display is a required field).

After filling all the input fields, the student can start the test by pressing the Begin Test button (this button is inactive until all input fields are filled).

After pressing this button the test window is displayed.

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In the upper part of this window you can find information on the current test and test status: test time left timer, question number indicator, selected answer indicator and test name.

In the main part of this window you can find the current question and answer variants displayed. To answer the questions you can use a mouse or keyboard. See Using Mouse and Keyboard for more information.

In the bottom part of this widow you can find two buttons. The first button (the Answer button) is used to apply the selected answer (to answer the question) and move to the next question. The second button (the Bypass button) is used to bypass answering the current question (to answer it later, at the end of the test) and move to the next question.

After answering all test questions (or when no time is left) the results widow will display.

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In this window you can see the previously entered student data and the test result: test result in points, how many correct answers (in brackets) and the 5-point scoring mark.

In the bottom of the window you can find the Restart button, used to restart the current test for another student (of course, not for an already tested one).

Also you can exit the program by pressing the Exit button.

To immediately exit an already started (or not yet finished) test you can press the Alt+F4 combination (hold Alt key and press F4). In that case you will see the test result window with the result as if all the rest of the questions in the test had been answered with wrong answers.

To manage and customize test results and to prepare result reports, use the Report program. See Report for more information.


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