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Test Features
The Testing Process
Using Mouse and Keyboard
UniTest Starter
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Test Main Features:

  • All questions and answers can be shuffled randomly to avoid fraud from people who pass your tests;
  • Everything in the Test has very useful popup helps;
  • The Full Screen mode lets you use all the available space for testing;
  • The whole testing process is automated and doesn't require assistance;
  • Ability to bypass any question (to postpone answering it);
  • The test interface is fully customizable;
  • Ability to start OLE objects (for example, to start some kind of physical process using physics program), play audio and video, etc.;
  • Test results are displayed as a 5-point scoring mark and as a sum of earned points;
  • Test results and user data are saved in test results database;
  • You can test using mouse or keyboard.


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