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Report Features
Report Toolbars
The Filter Setup Dialog
The Filter Language
Report Creation
Results Database Field Names
The Change Password Dialog
UniTest Starter
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Report Toolbars

There are some toolbars to ease and speed work with the Report:

Toolbar Description

Intended for doing general operations with the Report program.

This toolbar has 4 buttons:

New... (Ctrl+N ) - to create a new results database.
Open... (Ctrl+O ) - to open an existing results database.
Save (Ctrl+S) - to save current results database.
Exit - to exit the Report program.


Intended for editing and customizing the results database records, editing and preparing reports.

This toolbar has 9 buttons:

Insert record - to insert the new record at the current position.
Delete record - to delete the current record.
Edit record - to edit the current record.
Post edit - to post changes to the current record.
Cancel edit - to cancel changes for the current record.
Refresh data - to refresh data in the results database.
Delete All Records - to delete all records from the current results database.
Filter Setup - to show the Filter Setup dialog. See the The Filter Setup Dialog for additional information.
Edit Report - to open the report creation tool window. See the Report Creation Tool for additional information.


Intended for navigating and editing results database.

This toolbar has 4 buttons:

First record - to move to the first record in the results database.
Prior record - to move to the previous record in the results database.
Next record - to move to the next record in the results database.
Last record - to move to the last record in the results database.


Intended for reports preview and printing.

This toolbar has 2 buttons:

Preview Report - to preview a report before printing.
Print... - to print the report.


Intended for protecting results database.

This toolbar has 1 button:

Change Password... - to change the current test password (see The Change Password Dialog).

Do not forget password! Because it will be very hard or practically impossible to recover it (see UniTest System Tests and Test Results Protection).


Intended for calling help for a program.

This toolbar has 1 button:
Report Help - to call help for the Report program.


See Also:

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