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The Filter Setup Dialog

You can open Filter Setup dialog by selecting Filter Setup from the Edit menu, or pressing button on the Editing toolbar.

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Using this dialog you can set up filter for test results database records. You can set up filters using dialog features or using filter language directly (see The Filter Language).

Filter Expression group helps you to set up filter itself.

Using combo boxes you can select relation type, it will be relation between the filed (according to combo box selected) and the expression. You can find field name left to combo box.

For example, last name field not less than "K" ([LastName]>="K"), where "not less" (>=) is relation between last name filed ([LastName]) and expression (in this example it's "K").

Using input fields you can enter expression for particular field. Along with simple input fields you can see data specific ones. These fields helps you to set specific data (dates and numbers) using more intuitive and easier way.

Relations group helps you to set how filters will be connected together.

You can select to connect filters with logical AND operator, so only records that conforms to all filters (connected with AND) will be displayed.

You can select to connect filters with logical OR operator, so all records that conforms at least to one filter (from the filters that connected with OR) will be displayed.

You can combine OR and AND relations by selecting specific relations for specific filters. But if you want to combine relation, then it's better to use filter language that gives you more flexibility when filtering using huge filter constructions.

In the field right to Relations group you can see current filter (or combinations of filters) displayed in filter language. You can change this filter or enter new one directly to this field. After pressing "Apply" button or "OK" button new filter will be applied.

To add filter created using Filter Expression group to the current filter press "Add" button. To clear all filters press "Clear All" button.


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