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The Change Password Dialog

You can open the Change Password dialog by selecting Change Password... from the Edit menu, or by pressing the button on the Security toolbar.

Using this dialog you can set or change your password for the current results database.

To apply the new password you need to insert it in two input fields (the New password and Retype password input fields). If the passwords entered in these two fields aren't identical, then the password won't be validated.

After pressing the OK button, the new password will be applied.

If no password is entered in those two fields, then the test password will be cleared, and the test will be accessible without entering a password.

Try not to forget your password! If you forget your password, you'll have no access to your password-protected test. It is almost impossible to crack the UniTest System test, when protected with an 8 or more character password, conforming to Password Security Requirements.


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