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Results Database Field Names

Results database has its own "nicknames" for the fields it contains. These field names differ slightly from the names we use to describe them.

The "nicknames" of the fields are used when filtering results using the filter language or creating report templates:

Field Name Type Description
TestDate Date Test date. Contains dates, when tests are passed by participants.
LastName Text Last Name. Contains last names of participants.
FirstName Text First Name. Contains first names of participants.
MiddleName Text Middle Name. Contains middle name of participants.
Address Text Address. Contains addresses of participants.
EduEstablishment Text Organization Name. Contains the participants' organizations (companies, educational establishments, etc.) names.
Teacher Text Teacher/Trainer. Contains the participants' teachers/trainers names.
UserField1 Text User Field 1. Contains user defined data (any data the student was required to enter).
UserField2 Text User Field 2. Contains user defined data (any data the student was required to enter).
MaxPoints Number Maximum Points. Contains the maximum possible points for the test passed.
PointsEarned Number Points Earned. Contains the points earned for the test passed by student.
QuestionsNum Number Questions. Contains the number of questions in the test passed by student.
RightAnswers Number Correct Answers. Contains the number of correct answers given in the test passed by student.
Mark Number Mark. Contains the 5-point scoring system mark for the test passed by student.
TestSubject Text Test Name. Contains the name (or subject) of the test passed by student.


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