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Monitor Features
The Connected Clients List
The Client Detailed Information Dialog
Disconnect and Block Clients
Changing DCOM Connection Settings
UniTest Starter
UniTest Direct

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The Client Detailed Information Dialog

You can open the Client Detailed Information dialog by double-clicking on the client you need in the Connected Clients list.

Using this dialog you can get complete information about client (client, testee and testing process).

At the top of the dialog you can find information about your client's computer name and user name, your client's ID, status, time of connection and IP-address.

Testee Details Tab

On Testee Details tab you can find all the information entered by your student before testing. If the student has not yet entered his information then previous student information is displayed (with a label indicating that the information is about a previous student).

Test Info Tab

On Test Info tab you can find all information on the current testing process.

Also, at the bottom of the dialog you can find buttons available to block and disconnect client.


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