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Monitor Features
The Connected Clients List
The Client Detailed Information Dialog
Disconnect and Block Clients
Changing DCOM Connection Settings
UniTest Starter
UniTest Direct

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The Connected Clients List

You can found extensive data about connected clients using the Connected Clients list.

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You can scroll this list and replace its columns the way you wish. To replace a column in the Connected Clients list just drag and drop it wherever you wish.

Using this list you can get:

  1. Client's computer name
  2. Client's computer IP-address
  3. The name of the user logged to the system
  4. Client's status (started, testing, tested, disconnected)
  5. Student's data if available (last name, first name, middle name, questions passed, points earned and test mark)
  6. Client's connection time

By double clicking on Client you can open the Client Detailed Information dialog. Using this dialog you can get whole information about client. See The Client Detailed Information Dialog for more information.


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The Client Detailed Information Dialog

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