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Editor Main Features:

  • Every object in every question can consist of any available OLE objects (documents, graphics, etc.), including interactive OLE objects (animation, video, audio, etc.);
  • It enables the easy pasting of data from other programs, using the clipboard. This helps you to extremely simplify your work with "external" programs (for example, you can simply paste MS Excel sheet, graph or MS Word document text);
  • Internal editor (RTF format) helps to create questions and tests without any need of "external" OLE objects (when it's not needed to use the power of "external" OLE objects). The functionality of the internal editor is close to simplified version of the MS Word;
  • In Editor (without starting any other programs) you can create and edit fully any available OLE object;
  • Question answer can be a single answer, ordered or not answer set (for example, "Select processors in power descending order" or "Select correct expressions") or association ("Associate kings and the time of their kingship");
  • Sections help you to divide test into logical parts and "accumulate" test questions base (for example, you have 500 questions, but single test consist of 20 questions that are randomly selected from this questions base);
  • Unlimited number of questions in a single test and up to 20 answers in every question;
  • Every UniTest System database (i.e. tests and test results) is protected by the Proven Enterprise Strength Encryption Standard, 448-bit Blowfish! (while almost every other product offers only 128-bit protection at most);
  • Every question has its own points toward the correct answer. Plus, you can customize answer accuracy (i.e. you can allow to answer the question a little bit wrong. For example, the answer must be close to correct as much as 90%);
  • You can shuffle questions and answers randomly (for every particular question), to avoid any fraud by people who pass your tests;
  • Restricted access and locking mode help you to protect your data;
  • The positioning mode helps to resize and position any object visually, just by dragging and resizing it;
  • Its easy navigation and "hot keys" will save you a lot of time;
  • Comfortable and easily customizable MS Office XP like interface.


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